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Derya Sözen I have special interest in Astronomy. Following and attending astronomical events put me in a social group where I enjoy spending time and feel satisfied. I still play with Lego. My latest favourite is Mindstorms NXT, of course. In professional life, I am a computer engineer who is now working as a system specialist and has experience on IBM WebSphere products. You can find the details of my professional life in Linkedin. I studied Satallite Communication and Remote Sensing for my master degree. I loved the programme. I presented my thesis article at Cambridge. You can find my paper online in IEEE Digital Library. I have enthusiasm for research and sharing what I learn with people.

UKSim - 14th International Conference on Modelling and Simulation at Cambridge University:
Olympic Torch Relay 2004

Olympic Torch Relay Athens 2004:
Olympic Torch Relay 2004

Some of my activity photos within a wide period of time:
10th grade Sky Festival TUBITAK National Observatory Astrophysics Presentation TUG2008 AUB Gezisi

Eclipse captures taken by Zenith-ET attached to my MEADE ETX70AT (March 29, 2006):
SunCapture1 SunCapture2 SunCapture3 SunCapture4 SunCapture5

I worked with a scientist team from NAOJ for the March 29, 2006 Total Solar Eclipse.

an eclipse memory from Antalya I am very enterprising I also study my lessons I am always thinking live broadcast to Japan during eclipse 02 live broadcast to Japan during eclipse 03 live broadcast to Japan during eclipse 04 Me on the job again my small telescope preperations before the eclipse the whole team before the eclipse while checking the weather report Yamasaki San Me and the Telescope

Me and My Telescope, MEADE ETX70AT?

in Antalya, observing sun in Sile, night observation MEADE 70 AT with a camera attached modified picture of moon taken with my telescope by me

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